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I'm just a bunch of floating atoms in space floating around with other atoms.

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“The eye altering, alters all.” - William Blake


boobs are nice, okay? 

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Hi dese r mai bewbs I love this bra the end

Boo you look so good in your new sexy and beautiful bra.
Oh, Molly. :)
Boobs are good. I like boobs.


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Merry K-pins
Me, what’s up?
Me posing for Disco Shaman. If you haven’t heard his music and mixing you are missing out! Click Disco Shaman to go to his SoundCloud and check out his stuff! Especially if you’re into electronic music, you’d love this guy. 
Me, April 11, 2012.
I’m sick and tired of this room, of this place. 
"Help me to make it. Help me to make it.."
Me at the 930 club last weekend. Wish I had Bare’s signature/sticker on my tits instead of smash’s at this point in the night, but that came a bit later. OWELL.
SLUT ON ME HATERS I had fun and I live for the music

New rave shirt :);):) —— HONESTLY I CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR THIS TO A SHOW. i realllllly want to go to a rave soon and cannot help but to reblog my own rave shit just because I miss going out and letting go of all my troubles and losing my face at the same time. #ravergirlproblems <-LOL