Everyone's talking, Nobody's listening

I'm just a bunch of floating atoms in space floating around with other atoms.

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“The eye altering, alters all.” - William Blake


who made you the center of the universe?


Can I get some fucking respect for once?

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this one time on tumblr I saw a post with 1,234 notes and I wanted to reblog it but I couldn’t handle that I’d be the 1 person to fuck up that sequence - I mean it looked perfect just look at it

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I divide humanity into two groups: people who cut their nails on the left hand first and people who cut their nails the right hand first. My theory is that people who cut their nails on the left hand first are more lighthearted. They have tendency to enjoy life more. They go straight for the easiest task and save the difficult for later.
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Don’t you fuckin dare shame someone for posting nudes. Naked bodies are as natural as the trees and the sea, and if you’re shit-talking someone for posting their natural beauty then you need to reevaluate your life, bro.

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Idk why it hurts so much but it does

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now obviously isn’t the time for me. when is the time for me? fucking when god dammit

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Just had a dream that lasted all night long that I was getting my first tattoo as a half sleeve on my left arm of a mermaid I think it’s a sign

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