Everyone's talking, Nobody's listening

I'm just a bunch of floating atoms in space floating around with other atoms.

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“The eye altering, alters all.” - William Blake


woke up more hungover than i was drunk if that makes sense to anyone all i can say is tequila

don’t know how i’m awake already for the day so i suppose i’ll fit in a lot considering i have a bunch of time to myself and i’m seeing Odesza later tonight so i need to keep my mind occupied

i plan on putting in some laundry followed by a yoga session (god damn i need a yoga mat -__-)

i plan on listening to nothing but tipper all day because i’m so daved & confused it ain’t even funny plus it’ll distract me from wanting to listen to Odesza (I GOTTA KEEP THE EXCITEMENT FOR TONIGHT ALIVE)

i plan on getting in a good hoop sesh work out in hopes of putting together some ideas to incorporate into the video i’m making for walsher clemons

i plan on taking a shower because showers are awesome and make me feel like i’m doing something with my life

i plan on signing up for fafsa come next semester so i can get my dental assistant nationwide certification so i can move out - make bank - and follow my dream on the side

maybe i’ll read but i doubt it i’ll probably just play with my cats instead

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got really exciting news today

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wow this is painful woowwowowowow

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:( what’s going on with my fucking head dude I have no idea what it’s trying to tell me

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Any other hoopers out there to follow on Instagram? Let me know!

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It’d be fabulous to just be completely numb right now

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I need a life that isn’t just about needing to escape my life.
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In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.
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