definitely cried my eyes out saying goodbye to Inessa after such a beautiful week with her

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if you have the assumption that finding a job is ‘easy’ or ‘fun’
you probably do not
have one

literally gargle on my balls

literally gargle on my balls LMFAO

Hahahahahahaha yes

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study for large painting, one of the four/five elements, gouache, 2014 inkhead
WHO IS READY?!? WHO WILL BE THERE?!?? weeeeeee!!

Anonymous asked: pills are fucking gross why do you do them


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I can’t stand to think about,
A heart so big it hurts like hell.

Oh my god I gave my best, but for three whole years to end like this.
Well do you want to fall apart?
I can’t stop if you cant start.

Do you want to fall apart?
I could,
If you can,
Try to fix what I’ve undone.

Cause I hate what I’ve become.

You know me,
Oh you think you do.
You just don’t seem to see,

I’ve been waiting,
All this time to be,
Something I can’t define so lets, 

Cause a scene.
Clap our hands, and stomp our feet,
Or something, 
Yeah something.
I’ve just got to get myself over me.

i just sang this at the top of my lungs cuz no ones at work

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The truth is, no body gives a flying fuck. :)

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That feeling you get when it seems like hooping is programmed into your DNA. As if spinning is at the very center of your nature.