"cause you’re my bf f f f f f f f and that’s why i fucking love you"

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if anyone has netflix streaming go on there right now and start watching the series “The Killing” it is so fucking good and addicting i can’t even comprehend how a show can be so good ok so go watch it bye y’all

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Merry K-Pins everyone 💙

it’s this feeling where you can’t sleep, but all you want to do is sleep. you think of keeping your eyes open for one second longer and it makes you sick, physically sick to your stomach, and it doesn’t ever go away because the sleep never comes. all you want is for the sleep to come so the sickness disappears. it’s not coming, better get used wide gut wrenched eyes.

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MUST go to Tipper @ Red Rocks next year with Alex and Allyson Grey.

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ughhhhhhhhhhh i missed youuuuuuuuu

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someone hooooop with me i need a buddy naw mean summa ain’t gonna last foreva! can’t even hit a damn homie up either *the perks of having a nonexistent phone* 

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Hers & His - Elizabeth Rose Thompson