Everyone's talking, Nobody's listening

I'm just a bunch of floating atoms in space floating around with other atoms.

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“The eye altering, alters all.” - William Blake



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if i said anything about what i think about this specific subject and what i think is wrong about it/the people/persons involved, i would pretty much be just like those people and the subject so i’m just gonna keep quiet and follow the golden rule and say only this, what i’ve said now, to confuse anyone who reads this. as much as i want to rant, i’m fucking over that shit.

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i really want to get my nipples repierced i miss them so much what do i do

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all the petey’s :’)

3D printed ceramics

While I was out on my morning jog the other day I stumbled on these beauties❁

All of these gorgeous gems available in 4 days!! Gemeneye.com